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Midterm Voter Guide

Send this out to all those still undecided

Focus is on the undecided
The power of getting this Scorecard out is that it is written for the undecided voter. This includes:

  1. The Independent
  2. The disappointed, non-far-left Democrat
  3. The busy Republican who listens mostly to main stream media.

Election is about the party platform, not the candidate
The scorecard brings out that this is not an election about the individual candidate. If the candidate is running as a Democrat, he will support the Democrats to take over the Congress and Senate and push for the points listed in the scorecard, even if that candidate does not agree. It makes people aware of what their vote or non-vote will mean. American's future is in the balance.

Social Media Support
We also encourage people to speak to friends and family and to share the jpg version via social media, Facebook, email, Twitter, and Instagram. We also have a format to print in color or black and white to hand out.

Who We Are  

Citizens Action USA is a diverse group of citizen patriots throughout America who believe that America has a God-given destiny. We work together beyond race and culture to pursue that destiny.    

Our Mission

Support the election of leaders on local, state, and national level who uphold these principles:

1. Freedom and Responsibility are God's gift to all mankind.    

2. The 1st and 2nd Amendments are the foundation for our freedoms and must be protected    

3. Government is our servant, not our master. Government size and control should be limited.  

Past Events

Events Citizens Action USA has either sponsored or participated in

Rally to Protect our Freedoms in 2018

June 30th, 2018 10:00 AM - 1:00 PM

Sunrise Amphitheater
10610 W Oakland Park Blvd, Sunrise, FL 33351

Welcoming Mark Robinson to South Florida!

Let’s work together to help our president succeed to restore our freedoms. Florida is a critical state and we need to work together to support our 1st and 2nd Amendments here and throughout America.

Mark Robinson, Andrew Hallinan, Pastor Sean Moon, Grant Cardone, and Elena Cardone all spoke at the event.

Supporters who could not come to the event joined us online and watched the live feed.

  • 15 Minutes from Parkland's Stoneman Douglas High School
  • 20 Minutes to Markum Range (make a great gun day)
  • 25 Minutes to Florida Gun Show
  • Available for 750 people lots of parking

"I am the Majority" Mark shook the nation with his speech at Greensboro City Hall

Andrew Hallinan will speak about the Draconian
Florida Guns Laws after Parkland.

Ways to Handle Negative Thoughts

Elena Cardone, Hollywood star and CCW carrier, talks about why she carries at the 14 minute mark

ScoreCard Program

Sept-November 2016 • FL, PA, OH, VA, CO, NC, NV

Program to support Trump election

Citizens Action USA volunteers distributed over 600,000 Voter Scorecards in key battleground states throughout America. We put together and mobilized volunteers in FL, PA, VA, NC, OH, MI, WI, MN, IA, TX, CO and NV.

It first began with just a few volunteers and then spread out and multiplied. We want to build something similar in the Midterm election. We will make our ScoreCard as a template where interest volunteers in each state can modify and print as many as are needed.

In Florida, we distributed 80,000 scorecards. We attended seven Trump rallies, visited churches, and attended various other events. This was repeated in other states as well.

Written to relate to the Undecided
The power of the program was that the scorecards were well written so that undecided voters could be made aware of some key differences that would matter to them. For example "Late Term Abortion on Demand" instead of saying "Supports Abortion" or "Pro Life."

Social Media Support
We also encouraged people to speak to friends and family and to share the online version via social media, Facebook, email, Twitter, and Instagram.

National Day of Prayer and Reconciliation

January 16th 2017

Thank you President Trump Dinner

February 27th 2018

Pike County Pro Gun Rally

March 24th 2018